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Our clients won 11 Shop of the Year awards

Our clients won 11 Shop of the Year awards

A few weeks ago, the ShopRoku awards were announced. Congratulations and respect are certainly deserved by all the awards, but I want to write about 11 of them in particular. We work with so many of them.

This is a little personal note from me, so very exceptionally today's post is even a little more emotional than is usual on our blog

Trenýrkárna.cz was the first project I started on and I must say that Ruslan Skopal (CEO) is a very demanding client. Without it, however, nothing would ever move anywhere. So keep going, it makes me feel good and really motivates me.

Freshlabels is a brand that my daughter has liked for many years. She and her brother gradually lead me to be more decent, more considerate. When I started working with them, it made me extremely happy. I feel similar beliefs in their DNA as in my children. After a few months, we moved on and the big thing is still waiting for us.

Everyone thinks of SEVT as a form printer. But that's not the case at all. Their impact is huge - both in retail and wholesale. It mainly focuses on school, art and office supplies, toys and textbooks. In addition, they have a strong drugstore offer. Of course they still print and sell forms. For them, mailing is a perfect chance to play with hundreds of thousands of customers across different industries.

My colleagues work for the other awardees. who are certainly as proud as I am to have the chance to work with the best.

And now, the awardees were:

🏆Agatha's world - children's goods
🏆Alensa - eye optics
🏆Eliquidshop.cz – e-smoking and tobacco
🏆Freshlabels – sustainable e-shop award
🏆GRIZLY - food and drinks
🏆Mkluzkoviny.cz - Housing and design
🏆MojeParty.cz s.r.o. – masks and costumes
🏆PapiernictvíPavlík.cz - office supplies
🏆Profi-dj.cz – musical instruments
🏆SEVT – office supplies
🏆Trenýrkárna.cz – fashion and accessories, clothing

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