Having an overview of costs, revenues of individual marketing channels or unexpected changes in performance is a necessity for business.

We will prepare perfect reporting of all marketing investments and business results and compare them against plans.

Always available up-to-date graphs and tables will save you many hours of work and you will forever get an immediate overview of your company's performance.

How does cooperation with us work?

Overview of own business. This is absolutely essential. You must always have an overview, because only then will you have the opportunity make the right decision.

We will help you with that. We will obtain your data from all sources, process it and present it in the form of clear tables and graphs. Online. Live at any moment.

Of course, we'll need your cooperation, but don't worry—we're not biting.

Why work with us?

  • We use advanced marketing strategies and tools
  • Proactive approach and innovative solutions
  • We coordinate campaigns with planned marketing ones
    activities and other channels of online communication
  • We automate as much as possible

Dashboard for Ecomail

Dashboard of campaigns and automation for Ecomail
Having an overview of the performance of marketing campaigns is a must. Without it, no one has a chance to properly manage and plan their campaigns. Not even in e-mailing. The growing demand for reporting tools has forced us to prepare a dashboard for all clients using Ecomail as a platform, even for your e-mailing.


Dashboard - e-shop

What can an automated report look like?
See what a simple report can look like using the Looker platform, which loads data automatically and is available to you 24/7.


Analytical tools

What tools do we use?
The main platforms we use when working with data.



What will our work bring you?

Higher sales

Higher sales, but not at any cost. We monitor in detail and regularly so that the costs of increasing sales do not exceed your profits. We also take care of detailed reports so that you always know how the campaign is earning.

Repeat purchases

You need to approach the customer who comes back to you differently - so that you don't pay too much for his visits. That's why we work with special campaigns for returning customers.

New contacts

We are always looking for ways to bring you new customers. But the price for them must not be higher than your earnings. In cooperation with you, we analyze your data and determine the price of a new customer.
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