Twelve years ago, two companies were founded on the basis of friendship. One started to focus on online marketing, especially e-mailing and performance advertising. The other, on the other hand, provided professional printing services in the offline world. The original groups of friends grew into companies that today provide their services even to the biggest players on the market. After ten years, the two companies merged - and today, thanks to this, we still offer services under the PromoGEN brand in the same field as when we started. However, we are smarter, more experienced, and our specialists are among the best in the market. Thanks to this, we are able to successfully solve even the most complex projects.

- Who you can meet -

Meet our team

Tomáš Obadal


Marcel Kocian

Head of Performance

Jakub Malý

Head of Sales

Marek Ružička

Head of E-mailing

Luboš Grufík

E-mail Specialist

Jaroslav Guban

E-mail Specialist

Jan Landsfeld

E-mail Specialist

Aleš Nehněvajsa

Graphic Designer

Martina Hochmalová

Marketing Specialist

Vojtěch Nekoranec

PPC Specialist

Kristýna Mošťková

Social Media Specialist

Klára Augustinová

PPC Specialist