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How we resurrected interest in a neglected service on a shoestring budget

How we resurrected interest in a neglected service on a shoestring budget

With 8,000 CZK, we created a Facebook campaign with sales of 260,000 CZK and introduced a service that had been neglected until then.

Before the start of the summer holidays, we were approached detailing studio, i.e. salon for luxury car cleaning and all the care associated with cars to create low-cost Facebook campaign for one of their services, professional polishing and refinishing of car paint. Since the studio's customers perceive the shine of the car as a pleasant but expensive icing on the cake, which also does not last long and is definitely not as necessary as a clean interior or exterior of the car, they turn to the studio more with an interest in a general wash.

So our task was to raise awareness that car paint care is not just a prestigious service for VIPs and to create more interest in this service.

What are our goals?

  1. Explain to the audience that the given service, although really more expensive than the other services on offer, will bring more to the car owner than just a shine that wears off after a few days.
  2. Bringing the offer closer to an audience that does not drive luxury cars every day and perceives their car more than as a certain prestige, as an important part and helper of everyday life.

Audience education

We created the text of the campaign, which in detail, but at the same time, briefly and strikingly described the given service and its benefit for the customer, who will realize that paint renovation is not only an aesthetic effect for luxury cars. It will explain to the customer that investing in this service makes sense.

Back to real life

We left the luxurious tuned graphics with shiny cars of the most expensive brands aside. We want to speak to people from the normal world, and they are already saturated with perfect images. So we chose a real life photo of an older Favorito, which beautifully opened the door to their hearts.

Favorable offer

In order to motivate even those who are still hesitating whether the money invested in paint restoration makes sense to try the service and see for themselves (or their own hood?), we agreed with the studio to create an event for this campaign.

Correct targeting

Thanks to previous activities on social networks, we created a large enough audience that showed interest in cleaning the car. Through testing, we then adjusted these groups to get the most responsive audience.

As a result was a detailing salon packed with cars waiting for paint renovation, a service that brings more sales to the salon and has been neglected by customers until now.

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