Notepads are an ideal tool for non-violent advertising and passing on basic information about the company. Notepads perform an advertising function, for example by handing them out to selected clients, business partners or employees. Notepads perform an informative function in the case of meetings, trainings, etc., where the notepads are used to write down the notes of individual interested parties, who then take the papers from the pad with them and thus spread them further. The most common format of notebooks is A4, A5, A6 and DL with glued or ring binding. However, the binding depends on the number of pages and the weight of the paper, which can be from 90 g/m2, over 115 g/m2, 135 g/m2, 170 g/m2 to 250 g/m2. With a higher number of pages, the ideal solution is a book binding or a glued binding. On the other hand, binding stitched with staples is used for a smaller number of pages. To increase the advertising and informative function, a different envelope is used, which is either standard or with an extra flap.


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