Gamifikace je relativně nová technika marketingu, která působí na lidskou hravost. Výsledky u našich klientů mluví jasně v její prospěch.
Vyzkoušejte aplikace kolotoč štěstí, stírací karty nebo pexeso a oslovte nové zákazníky. Budete překvapení, kolik nových obchodů hravě získáte.
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Why work with us?

  • We use advanced marketing strategies and tools
  • Proactive approach and innovative solutions
  • We coordinate campaigns with planned marketing ones
    activities and other channels of online communication
  • We automate as much as possible


Are you new to emailing?
We first conduct a complete campaign audit, check their settings, optimization and use of potential. The result will be clear sub-steps that will lead to improved performance.

What will our work bring you?

Higher sales

Higher sales, but not at any cost. We monitor in detail and regularly so that the costs of increasing sales do not exceed your profits. We also take care of detailed reports so that you always know how the campaign is earning.

Repeat purchases

You need to approach the customer who comes back to you differently - so that you don't pay too much for his visits. That's why we work with special campaigns for returning customers.

New contacts

We are always looking for ways to bring you new customers. But the price for them must not be higher than your earnings. In cooperation with you, we analyze your data and determine the price of a new customer.
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