Working look back at the finished year 2022

Working look back at the finished year 2022

Christmas is almost here… and so, in addition to wishing you all the best, allow us to reminisce a little about our most important work moments this year.

We are from the smaller company Watermedia by merging with Tisk Kvalitnje, they became a much larger company - Promogen was born and we immediately moved to new offices.

Thanks to the new facilities, we have gained new clients - we take care of Timeout Jeans performance campaigns across European markets, we are helping the growth of the La Klara fashion brand or we are looking for new referees for the football association on TikTok.

In order for us to grow, they came new colleagues – Jan Lansfeld, which prepares mailing campaigns for you, Petr Matoušek takes care of clients and marketing. And he works on the aforementioned performance campaigns Vojta Nekoranec.

It was those three newcomers that helped us expand our services so this year we are they started helping with brand building. It was the first such successful collaboration a big online campaign for Trenýrkárna.

The latest innovation in our services is the construction of turnkey e-shops. This year we are like a certified partner of Shoptet, helped the Hobby-horse project succeed. Not only on the Czech market, but also in expansion into Germany.

After all we have more certificates. As the only agency on the market, we have achieved Expert level on the Ecomail platform. However, it is not the only way to manage your campaigns – even multi-channel ones. We are a Bloomreach Silver Partner (as one of the few in our country) and very we also like to work with Targit – the Czech omnichannel platform. This is also why we are now working with, for example, Auto ESA or Zoot.

Thanks to the aforementioned partnerships, but especially thanks to you, our clients got one great joy at the end of the year -  WebTop 100 award for work on the Yves Rocher customer retention campaign.

We therefore look forward to the new year with optimism and hope that we will be able to continue helping in the development of your companies and projects. And we will get a little more prizes together than this year.

Merry Christmas and above all a successful new year 2023,

PS A small tip at the end – if you are into email marketing, definitely you we recommend becoming a member of the expert group on Facebook – I deal with e-mail marketing

. Together with other professionals, we exchange experiences from the field there.

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