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Do you have a small shop or factory and want to start an e-shop? Are you just starting out, but do you expect that there will be more than 5 orders per day, either for personal collection or delivery to an address?

We can prepare all this in a few days so that you can get started.

How does cooperation with us work?

The package includes: 

We will run the first installers of the e-shop and possibly register the domain and prepare mailboxes. We will advise on their installation on your computers or mobile phones. 

Setting up product categories 
We will prepare a category tree to provide logic for customers and for the further development of the e-shop. Remember that less is more to begin with, you should be fine with thirty categories. More will mean extra work and time. 

Adding products 
We will add a basic set of products so that you have a template for how to do it. The first ten are included in the price, you can add others yourself (we recommend) or you can order the addition of a product from us. We will advise you on how to do the whole thing automatically when you want to add, for example, stock in the store or your warehouse. We will also prepare a template for importing products. If you want us to do the entire import for you, we will certainly make an agreement, but you just need to expect extra work. 

Transport and payment settings 
We will advise you when choosing a bank account and an online payment gateway. We'll set up payments as needed - including pairing with your bank and online payment gateway.
We will also choose a suitable carrier for your goods together. We will then set up the system so that you can send orders from the first moment and track their journey or prepare them for personal delivery. We will prepare the export of invoices and credit notes to your accounting. 

Training in use and consultation for further development 
During the preparation of the entire e-shop, we will continuously inform you about the progress and consult the settings together. When the e-shop is ready, we will train you in the use of the administration and cash register within three hours. In this case, we will help you with the online setup of cash registers and possibly also payment terminals. You can certainly count on consultations at the beginning of use. 

Price: 25,000 CZK without VAT


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Not sure?

If you don't know exactly which service package to choose for starting an e-shop, take a look at other packages for comparison.

We are also happy to advise you by e-mail or telephone.


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What will our work bring you?

Higher sales

Higher sales, but not at any cost. We monitor in detail and regularly so that the costs of increasing sales do not exceed your profits. We also take care of detailed reports so that you always know how the campaign is earning.

Repeat purchases

You need to approach the customer who comes back to you differently - so that you don't pay too much for his visits. That's why we work with special campaigns for returning customers.

New contacts

We are always looking for ways to bring you new customers. But the price for them must not be higher than your earnings. In cooperation with you, we analyze your data and determine the price of a new customer.
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