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The best marketing tool

E‑mailing is no longer just about mindlessly sending e‑mails. We do not stick to pre-defined procedures and we always put together suitable solutions together.

We rely on fair dealings and a personal approach to each of our clients. We can reach your customers smartly & efficiently using advanced automation. Personalization, segmentation and automation for specific customers with a specific need and interest is important.
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It's like you wouldn't exist without him

One of the most effective forms of advertising ever. Basically, you can't exist without it. But you have to set it up correctly.

You will target the customer very precisely, and you will measure her performance just as precisely. We can help you with that.

We will make you visible and increase your income, of course with an emphasis on immediate return on investment.

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We will help you create a successful e-shop

We work for dozens of e-shop operators and successfully advise them on how to be better.

Thanks to this, we can build a new e-shop on a turnkey basis really efficiently and quickly, so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

We can also design a simple presentation or prepare a website with interactive elements, such as a reservation system or an online calculator.

After that, we will train you to use it, or we will continue to manage the website for you.

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Experts in the press

We are specialists in the field of printing and marketing products, who offer our clients comprehensive high-quality production solutions at very favorable prices. And since 2011.

Due to our knowledge of products, market and processes, we are able to recommend and ensure the right product and timely delivery of orders.

It goes without saying that we offer free advice and data control, as well as the possibility of using our graphic studio.

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We are promogen

Our agency was created by the merger of two successful companies in their fields. We thus stand on two solid legs and use the synergies that this brings us. One of our sections is devoted to printing of all kinds - from flyers and catalogs to advertising items to textile printing. The second leg is online - experts in e-mail and performance marketing, creating websites and e-shops.

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